Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday, Aug. 2

Up at 7:30, and did stair stepping, resistance band, and weights exercises after breakfast. Hubbie accompanied Mother to our house, and before I went upstairs to get ready for the day, I washed Venus grapes, and Mother removed them from the stems.

Once I was dressed, I helped bag the grapes for the freezer...we got five quarts. Then I washed Reliance grapes that Mother also removed from the stems. We got three quarts of those. Later, in the fall, I plan to make jellies from the grapes.

By now it was lunchtime, so I heated Ramen noodle soup for Mother, and Hubbie and I had pimento cheese sandwiches and chips. For dessert, we had watermelon that Hubbie had cut up this morning.

After lunch, Mother went to her jigsaw puzzle, and Hubbie and I ran a couple of errands. I wasn't needed on these errands, but Hubbie just wanted me to accompany him. We went to a supply store, where Hubbie bought filters for the well, and then we went to a farm supply store to pick up a couple of bags of sunflower seeds for the birds.

Back home, we didn't accomplish much except reading newspapers, playing on our tablets, and watching TV.

Later, Mother helped make bran muffins for supper. This was really a one-person job, but she likes to help, so I gathered the ingredients and read the recipe to her while she put it together and filled the muffin tins.

We had the muffins with bowls of potato soup. Mother was ready to go home shortly after supper, so Hubbie accompanied her. Later, I went over and put drops in her eyes. Then Hubbie and I watched episodes of "The Good Wife."

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday, August 1

Hubbie and I both had trouble going to sleep last night, so 6 a.m. came quickly. But I wanted to get up early to go to water aerobics this morning, since the college will be closed for the next two weeks in a break before fall classes begin.

Only eight of us showed up today, but we had a good time, despite the rather chilly pool. I was back home by 9 a.m.

Hubbie accompanied Mother to our house soon after I got home. Before I went upstairs to get ready for the day, we went to the kitchen, where I washed zucchini squash from our garden. Mother sliced it, and I blanched the squash and let it drain and cool while I got ready for the day.

It was close to lunchtime by the time I was dressed, so I fixed Ramen noodle soup for Mother, and potato soup for myself. Hubbie opted for a ham sandwich.

After lunch, I bagged the zucchini, and got five quarts for the freezer. Then I washed Venus grapes, which Mother removed from the stems. We bagged three quarts of those for the freezer.

Mother went to her jigsaw puzzle after that, and while Hubbie went upstairs for a nap, I relaxed with the newspapers and my tablet. After a while I decided to make a recipe of macaroni and cheese for supper. Mother helped with this simple project.

Hubbie finished his nap by them time the mac and cheese was ready for the oven. So we ran a few errands...first to the auto shop, because as I was traveling to the pool this morning, a light came on the dashboard, followed by a warning signal. We were told the signal was a computer alert that probably means nothing. But if it doesn't go out in a couple of days, we should bring the van back for an inspection.

From there, we went to a grocery store to pick up milk and this week's free item.

Our last stop was to the Catholic Church to request a mass for my friend who died.

Back home afterward, I put the macaroni and cheese, and dishes of leftovers, in the oven for supper. The pasta, with sides of green beans, scalloped tomatoes, and steamed yellow squash, was pretty tasty for supper.

Afterward, I changed clothes and went downtown to attend an artist reception at the gallery. Hubbie opted out of going, since he's doesn't feel up to par.

The exhibit was very different. Entitled "All You Can Eat," it featured gray, yellow, and white plastic forks laid out on the floor in a highway design; and an entire wall of brown and blue school milk cartons, with the blue ones forming the words, "It Does Nobody Good."

There was also a large stack of fast food burgers, dripping cheese and special sauce, a stack of the icing centers of a popular chocolate cookie, with the a chocolate cookie at each end (the display was called "stuffed"); nutrition information enlarged onto large panels; and oddest of all, a welcome mat, with the word "welcome" fashioned from cockroaches. Yuk! This artist won the 2013 National Juried Exhibition with a piece called "Home Sweet Home," which looked like an aged cross stitch, but was in fact dead flies on flypaper.

Glad I'd had my supper before attending the exhibit. I did indulge in a chocolate chip scone at the event, though, and brought a couple home for Hubbie and Mother.

At home, Hubbie and I watched episodes of "The Good Wife." Around 8:30, I went to Mother's house to put drops in her eyes.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday, July 31

Last day of a relatively cool month for a state in the south. We were up around 7:30 to get ready to go to the hospital to meet Hubbie's appointment for a CT scan. His appointment was scheduled for 10:30.

We arrived at the hospital around 10:15, and it was around 30 minutes before he was called back. The test didn't take long, and he was back in the waiting room around 11:15. We stopped by the hospital cafeteria to see if breakfast was still being served, but it wasn't, so we headed home.

At home, Hubbie was in the mood for eggs, so I scrambled some, adding leftover sautéed potatoes from last night, and a slice of American cheese. Served the eggs with toast and homemade jelly, and cups of coffee.

Mother stayed home this morning, of course. She has containers of leftovers in her freezer, and she chose what she wanted to microwave for her lunch today.

After lunch, Hubbie accompanied Mother to our house, and she went to her jigsaw puzzle, while Hubbie and ran errands. First we went to the library to take a DVD back and pick up to that were being held for us. A library staff member called yesterday to tell us the DVDs were available.

From the library, we went to the newspaper office to drop off this week's word search puzzle contest. Then we went to the post office to mail a package of coupons to Granddaughter; to the pharmacy to pick a prescription for Mother; and lastly to the WDCS for a few groceries.

Back home, Mother and I went to the kitchen to start a recipe of potato soup. Naturally,  I promptly discovered we didn't have celery, so Hubbie went back to the grocery store to get a stalk. He picked up a bag of sugar while he was there, because I used the last of ours making a large container of lemonade (Hubbie is supposed to drink lots and lots of fluids to flush the dye out of his system).

After making the soup, Mother went back to her puzzle, and Hubbie and I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Later, I served the soup with slices of toasted rye bread topped with melted baby Swiss cheese.

Mother was ready to go home soon afterward, so Hubbie accompanied her. I went over there later and put drops in her eyes. Hubbie and I spent the evening watching "The Good Wife" episodes.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30

Up at 6 a.m. to get ready to go to water aerobics. Cool morning, but not cool enough for long sleeves. The pool was cool, too, but heavenly once I got used to it.

Twelve of us attended today, and we had a good workout. Learned that one of our members, who is now at an independent living center, recently fell and broke her hip. I hate to hear this and hope she mends okay. Hip fractures are dangerous for the elderly. I'm glad that my recent bone scan showed I still have strong bones. I constantly fear that Mother will one day fall and break something, since she has obvious osteoporosis.

Back home after aerobics, Hubbie accompanied Mother to our house, and I washed more peaches for her to peel and slice for the freezer, while I got ready for the day.

Back downstairs, I helped her with the peaches...we bagged five quarts today. So now we have twelve quarts in the freezer.

It was time for lunch by this time, so we had sandwiches...pimento cheese for Mother, and ham and baby Swiss for Hubbie and me.

Hubbie went upstairs for a nap after lunch...he awakened in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep, so he was sleepy.

Mother and I continued working in the kitchen. I washed green beans from our garden, and we snapped them to be cooked for supper. She diced and onion and banana pepper to go in them, and I added spices and broths and set them to simmering.

Then Mother diced leftover baked potatoes, while I worked on a recipe of scalloped tomatoes. I sautéed onion in olive oil and butter, added flour, then the tomatoes, and a tablespoon of brown sugar, then simmered the mixture for about fifteen minutes. Added spices ...paprika, pepper, no-salt seasoning, a little salt, a little basil, a little oregano, and a little parsley...and three slices of toasted and cubed bread. Poured the mixture into a buttered baking dish, and topped it with shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Baked it later at 350 degrees for an hour. This was a way to use up tomatoes left from the camping trip that had already been sliced and diced.

Before supper, I sautéed the diced baked potatoes with onion, and served them with the green beans, scalloped tomatoes, and the steamed squash from last night, along with the remainder of the homemade wheat bread.

Mother was ready to go home soon afterward, so Hubbie accompanied her. I went over to her house later and put drops in her eyes. Then Hubbie and I watched episodes of "The Good Wife."

Tonight, Hubbie had to drink a gosh-awful solution in preparation for his CT scan tomorrow. Then he's to have nothing to eat or drink after midnight, according to written information he got at the hospital. But he called the tech today and was told he could have a little water, or even some coffee in the morning, just no solid food.

Tuesday, July 29

Slept late, until around 8 a.m. Checked my e-mail and learned that my friend from the capital city with whom I worked years ago died. I was shocked and saddened by this news.

I knew she'd been having health problems the past few years, but since we had lost touch the past couple of years, I didn't know how seriously ill she was. I tried several times to contact her, without success. She was 83 years old. Her visitation is Friday night, and the funeral is Saturday, but of course I can't go. I need to be here with Mother and Hubbie. I'll show my respect in some other way.

After breakfast, I did stair stepping, resistance band, and weights exercises, then got ready for the day, while Hubbie accompanied Mother to our house.

Today, Mother and I prepared half of the peaches for the freezer, and then I washed yellow squash from our garden, which Mother sliced for the steamer.

The temperature was nice today, with lower humidity, so Hubbie finally went out and parked the camper in its spot. He's not up to par, by any means, but he felt a little better today. His stomach is still bothering him, especially right after he eats. I would have thought this indicated ulcers, but his upper GI series recently showed no ulcers.

He also felt up to mopping the new tile in the sunroom. The tile looks great...dirt colored so it won't show foot traffic as much. Now I need to look for patio furniture. But that'll have to wait until we know more about Hubbie's health problem.

Mid-afternoon, I put the squash and an onion in the steamer, and scrubbed potatoes for the oven. I was little put out with myself, though, when I turned the oven on at 4 p.m., then failed to put the potatoes in. At 4:30, I discovered my error, so supper was a little later than usual.

Served the squash and potatoes with sautéed cabbage (made from a package of slaw mix that we didn't need at camp). Slices of Sis's homemade wheat bread rounded out the meal.

Mother was ready to go home afterward, so Hubbie accompanied her. I went over later and put drops in her eyes. Then Hubbie and I watched TV for the evening. Hubbie did a lot of dozing during this time.

Monday, July 28

Up at 7 a.m., but skipped going to the pool this morning, because I wanted to be available when Hubbie called his doctor for an appointment. Turned out he wasn't scheduled until 2 p.m., but it was too late to go to the pool by the time I learned this.

I was already showered and dressed, so I went ahead and did things around the house for the morning. There's always a lot to do after a trip, like laundry. Spent some time downloading photos from the trip, too, and uploading a few to my social network page. I'm just learning how to use my new laptop, so this process took a while.

Lunch was a pimento cheese sandwich and macaroni salad for Mother, and the rest of the Dragon Soup for Hubbie and me. For the next day or two, we will concentrate on using up the food left from the trip.

Just before 2 p.m., we went to meet Hubbie's appointment. The doctor doesn't know what is causing Hubbie's problem, so he ordered a CT scan. The hospital called shortly after we got back home to inform Hubbie that he was scheduled for the scan on Thursday morning at 10:30. He was to drop by the hospital and pick up a solution to drink before bed on Wednesday night. So we went over there right away and picked it up.

Hubbie didn't have the energy to do  much else this afternoon, so he spent time in his recliner.

Later for supper, we naturally made a meal of leftovers from the camping trip. Mother spent the day over here, and was ready to go home after supper, so Hubbie accompanied her. Then he and I watched TV for the evening.

Sunday, July 27

Up around 7 a.m. to get ready to head home after a great camping trip. Had a breakfast of muffins and fruit before breaking camp. Visited for a while with Son, Daughter-in-Law and the boys, then posed for group photos before leaving. Son and family planned to stay another day and go home on Monday.

We were on the road by 9:30, and arrived at the town where Nephew was to meet Sis shortly after 11 a.m. We decided since it was so close to lunchtime, we'd go ahead and have sandwiches and chips, with ice cream sandwiches for dessert, before finishing the two-hour trip to our town.

The trip home was uneventful. When we arrived, we immediately began unloading the camper. But it was such an intensely hot and humid afternoon, that we wilted before we could complete the task. So I made a batch of lemonade, and Hubbie and I downed the whole thing...two 12 oz. glasses apiece. I guess we needed the fluids and electrolytes.

Hubbie just wasn't feeling well, so he napped on and off in his recliner, and while he did, I continued to unload the camper. Got most of it out before dark. Usually, Hubbie is anxious to get the camper parked in its spot shortly after we get home, but he wasn't up to it tonight. So it remained in the driveway.

Later, for supper, I took a bowl of soup over to Mother, and Hubbie and I had sandwiches and chips. After showers, we crashed in front of the TV for the evening.